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What is the definition of birth certificate attestation?

The birth certificate of birth paper documentation is one of the essential document or is a practice widely held throughout human civilization across the world, especially in India, US, UK, Turkey, Jordan, France, Pakistan, China, Egypt etc.. Birth certificate novel purpose of is for various government official usage. Almost all country now has ruling and laws which regulate the registration of births and get birth certificates. In all countries, it is the responsibility of the child parents. We are one of the reliable and low cost birth certificate attestation service provider in UAE with decades of great experience, professional staff and well trained public relationship officer carry all of your documents carefully and securely to get all attestation without your presence too. Attested birth certificate can be used as:

  • School, college and university admission

  • To get residence visa in UAE

  • To get passport from any country

  • To issued original country ID card

  • To get any other government official documentation
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How can I get my birth certificate attested in India, UK, USA, and Pakistan?

A birth certificate attestation is vital evidence that documents of the baby which get on the baby delivered time. The term birth certificate attestation can refer to either the original document certifying the circumstances of the birth or to a certified copy of or representation of the ensuing registration of that birth in any country to use further. We offer all country birth certificates attestation services in UAE by collecting documents from your door step without any additional cost. For any purpose of usage whether it’s for school or visa needs.

  • Call our agent and will come for collection at your door
  • Our well experienced and qualified team carry all birth certificates to get legalization from issued country
  • We offer UAE embassy and ministry of foreign stamping on birth certificate attestation
  • We offer genuine and secure birth certificate attestation service sin UAE

How can I attest my MOFA (Ministry of foreign affairs attestation)on birth certificate?

MOFA attestation is simple process but we help you to get it without your presence and without additional documents. Just call us and give us your birth certificate attestation regardless in which country issued from. We take all your birth certificate attestation from home country to ministry of foreign affairs attestation and make delivery at your home door.

What is the procedure of birth certificate attestation in UAE?

Attestation of birth certificates is not a difficult process but taking time to get it and you will have to waste lot of money and time. We help you to get your birth certificate attestation in dubai without any struggle and wasting lots of money here is few simple procedures to follow is:

  • The birth certificate attestation process is in UAE is fairly standard as same as we do other document attest and birth certificate  attested by the UAE Embassy of the country the certificate was issued in before they can be used for legal purposes in the UAE to get final stamping
  • To accept in UAE embassy we must carried out other few attestation like Notary, MEA and home department attestation on all birth certificates
  • Birth certificate attestation is simply an act of verifying that our documents are genuine further ensuring the credibility of the certificate so everyone can apply for residence visas, UAE school admission, higher studies in the country, migration, and more.
  • Final stamping or attestation on birth certificate attestation in ministry of foreign affaris from UAE
  • Legal translation to used further visa processing by approved legal agency like us

What are key features and benefits of birth certificate attestation in UAE?

  • Free pick and delivery at your door for all country birth certificate attestation in UAE
  • Genuine attestation, secure service and low cost for India, turkey, uk, us, Jordan, Canada, Pakistan birth certificates
  • On time deliver and express attestation
  • 20 years of experience in the field of attestation in UAE
  • Approved legal agency to carry all birth certificate attestation, legalization process in UAE

Which country birth certificate attestation we have to do for UAE visa and school admission purpose?

Almost all country birth certificate attestation should be done to use in UAE official such as:

India, UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Pakistan , Philippines, Jordan , Turkey, Denmark, France, south Africa, Nether land, new Zealand etc..

How much cost will come to get birth certificate attestation in UAE?

The cost is for birth certificate attestation is not same for all country and stamping. It is totally depend on attestation needs and usage of birth certificates too.  

How many days will take to get birth certificate attestation Dubai?

Birth certificate attestation and legalization duration is not same for all country documents and it may vary and attestation timings depending on stamps requirements too. We make fast and express attestation delivery too

What document needs to get birth certificate attestation in Sharjah, UAE?

  • Original birth certificates
  • Color photo
  • Parent passport copy
  • Visa page if any

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